Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day Three

My first three days in Tanzania have been great. Everything is so different and the scenery in the village seems almost surreal. Children walk around with babies out by themselves, and it is acceptable to hold another man's hand here because here it means friends. I've learned that asanti means thank you which is probably the most important word to know here. I'd like to again thank my parents for allowing me to go on this trip. Im defiantly growing from it already, and I'd like to tell my mom right now that Im not having a rough time like you wanted me to and Im eating like a  king so take that! The people here are all very hospitable and one of my favorite villagers is Mukala, the wisest man I have ever encountered

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Thank yous

I want to thank my mom for pushing me to go on this trip, my dad for providing the money, and my mom again for convincing my dad I needed to go on this trip. You guys have given me a huge opportunity to better myself. I promise Ill make the most out of what you guys put into this trip for me.